MGB, MGC and V8 Gold Portfolio 1962-1980


Author: Brookland Books
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Still as popular today as when it was introduced in 1962 the MGB has a pretty streamlined body and a sporting, if not fast, performance.

The GT introduced in 1973 produced a very effective grand touring car with very practical luggage space. The MGC was supposedly introduced to replace the Austin Healey 3000 but with limited success.

This is a book of contemporary road & comparison tests, long term tests, buying second hand & history. Models covered: 1800, GT, Downton MGB, MGC, SMR conversion, MGB Mk II, MGC Auto., Downton MGC, Gran Tourismo MGB, University Motors Special MGC, MGB Mk III, Costello GT V8 & V8. Soft cover in excellent condition

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