Motor Do’s and Don’t’s


Author: Harold Pemberton
Date of Publication: 2008

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In this modern era of traffic jams, road rage and speed cameras, it’s easy to forget the simple pleasure that the gentlemanly pastime of motoring can bring. This handy little guide from the original age of the automobile, reminds us how to achieve maximum enjoyment from the motoring experience.

With essential advice for both beginner drivers and confirmed Road Hogs – from choosing your vehicle and learning to drive to the latest dashboard equipment and all you could want to know about oiling, greasing and valve grinding – Pemberton also offers many tips on women drivers, picnicking, the holiday tour and fitting a wireless into your car.

A man of strong opinions, he insists you give way to the man driving uphill, for ‘if you block his way you may spoil one of the motorist’s most pleasant thrills, that is, a good top-gear hill climb’. He also offers wise advice on everything from speed limits: ‘From long experience of touring in Britain and abroad I should say that an average speed of 20 miles per hour is a sound allowance’ to new technology: ‘In wet weather one of the chief annoyances to the driver is an obscured wind-screen. There are highly efficient automatic wind-screen wipers on the market.’

Both informative and entertaining. 2008 reprint of 1923 original. Hardback in generally good condition throughout.

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