Motor Memories. A saga of whirling gears.


Author: Eugene W Lewis
Date of Publication: 1947

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In broad outline, the history of the automobile in America, though the author had no idea of accomplishing such an inclusive venture when he wrote the book. His idea was to capture into print, while it all could be remembered, the story of the automobile as he had watched it unfold from its beginnings through its formative years.

But, the story grew, and he remembered well. So well, that personalities and progress, genius and daring, courage and skill, labour and finance, emerge amalgamated into a coherent whole the first time in an “automobile book.”

How so-called accessories”grew up” and became component parts of the motor-cars we drive. Where went the cars of yester-year? Trade Journals and the part they played in dissemination of information to would-be auto-makers. Who made what car and when? All the above and dozens of personality stories told the first time by a man who knew the men he writes about, and pictured for the reader in a new medium of book illustration by an artist who knew them too.

Scarce American hardback in excellent condition throughout, slight tear to back of inside cover, repaired. Dust cover very clean, bar a couple of minor scuffs and tears to top of spine. Protected in clear cover.

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