Nicki Lauda (Driver Profiles 2)


Author: Alan Henry
Date of Publication: 1989

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Niki Lauda’s tenacious recovery from the terrible injuries sustained when his Ferrari crashed in the 1976 German Grand Prix elevated him to the status of an international sporting hero.

Having won two World Championships for Ferrari, he took a two-year sabbatical, but a combination of boredom and curiosity brought him back to the Formula 1 grids at the start of 1982.

Driving for the Marlboro McLaren team, he added the 1984 championship to a tally that would include 25 Grand Prix victories by the time he retired for good at the end of 1985.

One of the most pragmatic men ever to drive a racing car, this volume reflects the shrewd mind, iron determination and wry sense of humour of someone committed to perfection and success in whatever sphere he operates.

Hardback with colour self cover in good condition.

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