No Angel. The Secret Life of Bernie Ecclestone


Author: Tom Bowyer
Date of Publication: 2011

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Born into poverty, Bernie Ecclestone has made himself a billionaire by developing the world’s second most popular sport – Formula One racing. Private, mysterious and some say sinister, the eighty-year-old criss-crosses the globe in his private jet, mixing with celebrities, statesmen and sporting heroes. His success is not just in creating a multibillion-pound global business but in resisting repeated attempts to snatch the glittering prize from his control.

Ecclestone has never before revealed how he graduated from selling second-hand cars in London’s notorious Warren Street to become the major player he is today. He has finally decided to reveal his secrets: the deals, the marriages, the disasters and the successes in Formula One racing, in Downing Street, in casinos, on yachts and in the air.Surprisingly, he has granted access to his inner circle to Tom Bower, described by Ecclestone as ‘The Undertaker’ – the man who buries reputations – and has given him access to all his friends and enemies. All have been told by Ecclestone, ‘Tell him the truth, good or bad.’

No Angel is a classic rags-to-riches story, the unique portrayal of a unique man and an intriguing insight into Formula One racing, business and the human spirit.

Hardback in generally very good condition with good dust jacket.

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