Of Men and Cars


Author: John Christy
Date of Publication: 1960

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Takes you into a new world of speed, courage, and daring –into the thrilling world of the record breakers, the planning world of the builders of precision machines, the reckless world of the racing drivers. Here, in fourteen well-chosen articles by eleven of the greatest of sports writers and under the editorship of driver-writer John Christy, you are introduced to the adventures, defeats, and victories of those men who raced with time to bring perfection to modern motor transportation.

Within these pages you meet the “greats” of this King of Sports – here are the stories of Enzo Ferrari, Frank Lockhart, George Eyston, Goldie Gardner, Colin Chapman, and Donald Healey – here you ride with Archie Scott Brown, Alfonso de Portago, Fred Dixon, Phil Hill, Jim Rathman, and a score of others who lived (and died) in their worship of the great god Speed.

More than a collection of electrifying situations and personalities, the book abounds with performance problems and their solutions and experiments made by the leading sports-car technicians and designers. The text, fully and dramatically illustrated, will intrigue the reader as he explores the minds and moods, the skills and techniques, of the great names in auto-racing.

Hardback in excellent condition throughout. Dust cover also clean and bright, some minor scuffs and tears to top and spine. Now in protective clear cover. Nice example.

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