Packard. The Complete Story


Author: Michael G H Scott
Date of Publication: 1985

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For nearly 60 years, Packard dominated the world of fine automobiles and is today one of the most valued car collectors’ “treasures” on the market.

Now you can travel back through time on a breathtaking adventure covering the Packard’s milestones of progress from its birth in 1899 to its finale in 1962. Recaptured in dazzling detail–scores of official company photographs, reproductions of advertisements, corporate reports, and more–the engrossing story of the Packard is once again brought to life.

You’ll go behind the corporate walls and experience the major changes . . . marketing strategies . .. major design and engineering breakthroughs. . the Studebaker acquisition . . . the proposed American Motors merger . . . and much, much more.

Hardback first edition in good condition throughout. Dust cover also good with only minor scuffs.

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