Panteras For The Road


Author: Henry Rasmussen
Date of Publication: 1982

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The story of Alessandro De Tomaso and the Pantera is a fascinating one.

In this volume, Panteras For The Road, the seventh in the famous The Survivors Series, author and photographer Henry Rasmussen concentrates on the highlights of De Tomaso’s off-and-on career, beginning with his early days as a young man and racing driver in Argentina, moving on to his new life in Italy, where he soon gained a reputation both as a racing driver and, later, as a builder of Formula racing cars and limited production Grand Touring machines.

Henry Rasmussen continues the story with a look at the Ford connection, the marriage that brought forth the Pantera, together with the Cobra, the Ford-powered product that has come closest to the heart of sports car enthusiasts all over the world.

The story ends with a glimpse of De Tomaso today, the high-powered head of an ever growing conglomerate of motorcycle and automobile manufacturing concerns.

Hardback in good condition throughout with good dust jacket, minimal scuffing or marks.

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