Pinin Farina. Master Coachbuilder


Author: Michael Frostick
Date of Publication: 1977

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As the custom built car becomes a thing of the past it seems likely that there will be more interest in the field of coachwork and design than in that of the rude mechanicals. This book differs from previous books in the series in that the Marque is that of a coachbuilder rather than that of a motor car.

Pinin Farina is an excellent choice to commence the transition, as he started around 1930 as a conventional coachbuilder but evolved over the next thirty years into a designer or one might almost say into an automobile architect, producing in his own style, body designs for a number of different motor car manufacturers.

Michael Frostick, in his inimitable way, and with the cooperation of Pinin’s son Sergio Pininfarina, shows the evolution from the Queen of Rumania’s Dilambda to the Ferraris of the mid ’50s.

Hardback in generally very good condition with good dust jacket. Scarce.

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