Pit and Paddock


Author: Michael Frostick
Date of Publication: 1980

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Background to Motor Racing, 1894-1978. Much has been written on the history of motor racing, mainly dealing with the development of the machines and the great races themselves. But less concern has been shown for the personalities and behind-the-scenes men that make motor racing possible. This book takes a nostalgic look in pictures at the great names of the past (and present) — the drivers, designers, mechanics, manufacturers and managers. Attention is focussed more on the workshop, pit and paddock than on the race track to give the atmosphere of motor racing.

The early chapters deal with the dawn of racing with the inter-city races and the first Grand Prix; a comparison between Brooklands in England and the Indianapolis track in the USA, with a sideways look at the French and Italian circuits. There is nostalgia and razzamatazz, with great names from both sides of the Atlantic. The inter-war aspirations of Italy and Germany with Alfa Romeo, Maserati, Mercedes and Auto Union who dominated motor racing are dealt with in detail, as well as the sports car scene. Pictures of the Arrows Grand Prix team take us up to modern times and show that although the cars and dress may be different the dedication of a few still makes it all possible.

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