Poetry in Motion


Author: Tony Brooks
Date of Publication: 2012

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It took 15 years of relentless persuasion to convince Tony Brooks, one of Britain’s greatest ever racing drivers, that he should write his autobiography.

Throughout his racing career he shunned publicity, preferring to let his on-track performances speak for themselves.

This is why Stirling Moss, on many occasions his team-mate in Formula 1 and sports car races, has described him as ‘the greatest ‘little known’ driver of all time’. Tony Brooks began his racing career at Goodwood in 1952 at the wheel of his mother’s Healey sports car.

Three years later, having never previously sat in a Formula 1 car, he drove a Connaught to victory in the Syracuse Grand Prix, beating the entire Maserati works team. It was the first Grand Prix victory for a British car and driver for 31 years.

His unique combination of speed and smoothness, aptly chosen by him as his book title Poetry in Motion, led to works drives with Aston Martin, BRM, Vanwall and Ferrari and brought him Grand Prix victories on Europe’s most challenging circuits – Spa, the Nürburgring and Monza.

First edition hardback and dust cover in excellent condition. Scarce and desirable book.

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