Porsche – Double World Champions


Author: Richard von Frankenburg
Date of Publication: 1977

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The complete story of the marque and much else is included in Porsche Double World Champions. 1900 – 1977 a book based on a time honoured, well proven, and successful formula that is in-depth, completeness of coverage.

Only in this book is it possible to follow the growth of the company and the development of its cars, the lives of the key personalities, in particular Professor Ferdinand Porsche and Dr. Ferry Porsche, and the successful implementation of a racing programme that was to yield much to the research engineers at Weissach.

Part one of the book is divided into 32 chapters and covers most of the pre-Porsche 911 story. Part two is divided into 9 chapters and gives both an in-depth study of the later production cars, 911, 914, 924, and the 928, and total racing coverage which naturally includes such famous cars as the 904, 908, 910, 917, 935, and 936.

Enjoy the full story, assess the might of the Porsche empire in its true light, understand the philosophy of the men and their cars and admire their success

First edition 1977. Hardback in excellent condition, bar minor scuff/crack to bottom board corner front. Complete with clean dust cover, small tear along bottom front. Now enclosed in protective film cover..

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