Porsche 917. The winning formula


Author: Peter Morgan
Date of Publication: 2003

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Possibly the greatest racing car of all time. The dominant sports racer of the early 1970s, two successive Le Mans wins, two world titles (rule changes prevented any more of either!) then two successive Can Am titles in turbo form and several Interserie crowns plus an outright closed circuit speed record . The car also won the fastest 24 hour race in history (Le Mans 1971) and topped 240mph on the Mulsanne straight in the process. Steve McQueen, drove one in his feature film LE MANS, What more do you need? With first hand accounts of the surviving drivers, engineers and technicians, this is the story of the car that dominated international Motorsport from 1969-1973. 208 large pages. 2003 reprint of 1999 first edition. Hardback and dust cover in excellent condition.

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