Post-war Baby Austins A30-A35-A40


Author: Barney Sharratt
Date of Publication: 1988

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The post-war baby Austin broke new ground as Austin’s first chassisless car. We follow its development from the A30 into the A35, a vehicle whose liveliness, reliability and economy bear comparison with many a modern car.

We see how Pininfarina came on to the scene – a man with the ability to style a totally different motor car using the same mechanical components – the A40 Farina, so produced, being way ahead of its time as the forerunner of the modern hatchback.

Throughout the book we get regular glimpses of the post-war scene at Longbridge and even get a peep into the personal notebooks of the man who designed the A30’s engine, an engine which would later become known as the ‘A-series’ and be developed as the power unit for many millions of cars.

Hardback in mint condition.

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