Private Motor Car Collections of Great Britain


Author: Peter Hugo
Date of Publication: 1973

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America is always thought to be the home of Motor Car Collections, and if one takes sheer numbers into consideration then this is so. However, in Great Britain small collections of hand picked motor cars have been quietly accumulated and restored over the years.

More than twenty of these private collections have been visited by Peter Hugo: the likes of T.A. Roberts, A. Bamford, A. Blight, Hon A. Clark, E.N. Corner, G.B Corser, Lord Doune, J.L. Goddard, B.K. Goodman, G.A. Griffin, C.W.P. Hampton, D.S. Johnson, W.A. Lockley-Cook, R. Melville-Smith, A. Meredith-Owens, A.C.M. Millar, Lord O’Neill, R.A. Parker, R.A. Pilkinton, S.E. Sears, H.R. Wilkins, and G.A. Wingrove (the latter being on a slightly different scale, being the works of this master model maker).

This book is a car by car description of these visits, illustrated with over 300 photographs. 1973 first edition in excellent condition throughout. Dust wrapper also very clean and bright, one minor scuff to front bottom, protected in clear cover.

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