Racing an Historic Car


Author: Peter Hull
Date of Publication: 1960

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1960 first edition. This is the story of the R11B ERA, a car with a distinguished history having won the 1949 British Empire Trophy race and having been driven by Parnell, Wharton and Bolster amongst others. Peter Hull details how, with a lot of guts and not much money, Douglas Hull kept this car racing and competitive.

Famous book by a well known restorer and racer of vintage cars , a stalwart of the VSCC and one of the first ‘stars’ of vintage racing in Britain with a string of ERAs and other exotic machines machines which he raced and hillclimbed with much success at venues like Oulton Park and Shelsley Walsh.

Fascinating and relatively rare.

Hardback in very good condition throughout. Dust cover complete and very clean. Excellent example.

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