Racing Maseratis


Author: Giancarlo Reggiani
Date of Publication: 2001

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In the multi-form and prolific activities of Maserati, ranging from single seater Grand Prix cars to sports and road cars, many of the Trident’s masterpieces have left their indelible mark on the fascinating story of motor sport on four wheels.

This book features a selection of models, some of which are either extremely rare or unique.

They tell the complete story of the long sporting pedigree of the celebrated Modena factory, from the single-seater 6C of the Thirties to the unusual Eldorado of 1958, from the 250F, winner of the 1957 Formula One World Championship, to the A6GCS, that won many sports car races in the Fifties, to the famous Type 61 Birdcage, that set new design standards for the sports cars of 40 years ago.

These pages recall happenings of high techno-sport value, which contribute to maintaining the line of continuity which link the glorious traditions of the Trident to the commercial success of Maserati production today. HArdback in excellent condition.

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