Riley Sports Cars


Author: Graham Robson
Date of Publication: 1986

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How could Riley produce such beautiful sporting cars, yet sell so few of them? Why did a company with the finest between-wars engine designs never capitalise on it in the showrooms? Why did Rileys win so many races, but reap so little benefit from their successes? All these, and many more long-running mysteries, are analysed by Graham Robson in this affectionate study of The Sporting Rileys.

It is easy to forget how briefly the truly elegant Rileys were in the forefront of British design. From the first Redwinger of 1922, to the last Sprite of 1938, only 16 years elapsed, and most of the sports cars sold in tens, rather than thousands. Was it because their prices were too high? Because Riley themselves did not push them hard enough? Or because the market itself was very limited indeed?

This is the first-ever book to concentrate on sporting Rileys, to the exclusion of all others, which allows full and knowledgeable analysis of each range to be presented. Coverage of the Redwinger, Brooklands Nine, Imp, MPH and Sprite models is complete, and even the dedicated Riley owners will find much to interest them. In their day, and especially today, a Riley was an elegant and rather exclusive sports car; this book accepts that as in its coverage of their careers, and finds some surprising evidence of the origins of each one.

This book contains the facts and figures, development and production stories, of all the very best of Riley’s sporting heritage, the story being linked to the family cars from which some were developed, and the famous ‘works’ racing models to which they owed so much.
There is expert guidance on the restoration of these rare machines, and a survey of the development, and present activities, of the clubs which still support the Riley marque.

In company with all the other books in this series, the majority of the photographs — black and white and colour have been specially assembled, and the result is a mouth-watering display of some lovingly maintained thoroughbred Rileys.

Hardback in fine condition with a near fine dust jacket, protected by clear cover. Lovely example.

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