Rolls-Royce And The Great Victory


Author: Rolls-Royce Ltd
Date of Publication: 1972

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This book contains four publications produced by Rolls Royce shortly after the First World War as publicity hand-outs. Each section is prefaced by a signed coloured painting by Charles Dixon and is illustrated with several black and white photographs, some of which have not, so far as we are aware, been re-produced before.

The Section on cars deals mainly with their use as transport of senior Army officers in the various theatres of war and anecdotes about them. It mentions the Rolls Royces taken over to France with their owners as chauffeurs at the beginning of the war. The Section on armoured cars covers their use in all theatres of the First War, including France, Africa, Mesopotamia and Palestine.

The third Section on aeroplanes again contains anecdotes of fighting, mainly in France, the fourth has some most unusual photographs of flying boats and also a picture of one of the first sea planes of a type to be developed over the years into the Rolls Royce Engined Seaplane, which held the world air speed record.

The Sections are written in the typical style of the period and are of great interest to enthusiasts not only of Rolls Royce but the Great War, advertising and Aeronautics.

Hardback in generally good condition, red boards with silver RR logo are in very good condition. Inside covers have some light foxing, otherwise very clean. Dust jacket good, with only minor scuffing in places.

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