Rolt and Bira


Author: Neville Hay
Date of Publication: 2008

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Story Of Two Of The Greatest Drivers Of Their Times, Including Triumphs At Brooklands, Le Mans And Elsewhere and, In Bira’s Case, As A Private Entrant In Grand Prix Racing. Tony Rudd, Lofty England, Duncan Hamilton And Others Provide Additional Insight And Recollection.

The highly decorated old Etonian, Major Anthony Peter Roylance Rolt, played a leading role in the development of a major step forward in motor engineering, and as a driver, in 1953, won the Le Mans 24 hour Race, finished first in over dozen racers on British circuits and was second at Le Mans the following year. Major Tony Rolt M.C. and Bar, received immense publicity when at only 19 years old he had his first major victory in Empire Trophy. Had the war not intervened he would almost certainly have joined one of the major teams in Grand Prix racing- if the army had let him! The press hardly mentioned him again.

The Asiantic star, Prince Birabongse of Thailand, enjoyed considerable publicity in the UK during the four years between his debut in a club race at Brooklands in 1935 and 1939, when he was almost unbeatable. However, this meant little as far as his Post War racing career was concerned. Even in the specialist Motor Racing press there was little or no mention of his talent as a sculptor. Indeed he might not have existed at all in his post 1950 years for all the recognition he received. In 1954 he was one of the most successful private entries in the Grand Prix racing and raced internationally until his retirement in 1955. His retirement, and his death thirty years later, went un-noticed.

This 2008 first edition hardback is in excellent. almost new condition throughout. Now very scarce.

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