Safety Last MG 1925-1975 (signed)


Author: G E T Eyston
Date of Publication: 1975

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**Signed by George Eyston.** Signed limited edition 66/750.

Suddenly in 1937, Captain George Eyston’s name attracted world wide attention as it was entered upon the hallowed scroll of names of those who had broken the World’s Land Speed Record in Thunderbolt; and in the following year, he achieved a further two entries!

These were but three of his most courageous and brilliant performances, all of which reflected favourably on his skill as a designer, developer and tuner of racing cars. But it was not only Land Speed Record breaking that brought exposure to the motor car – his passion for driving had opened exposure to a wealth of marques and specials such as the ‘Speed of the Wind’ record car, Grand Prix Bugatti, single seater Panhard racing car, a Derby Bentley for personal use and of course his major connections with the MG Car Company and the EX range of Record cars: EX127, EX 135 Humbug, EX175, and EX181.

George Eyston came from the heroic golden age of motor sport, when competitors were prepared to risk everything, braving unknown frontiers where man had never ventured before, because experience of these higher speeds did not exist. They were aware that their new experience would serve to form a firm basis for the expanded knowledge of a new technological age which is well demonstrated now by the very high speeds of modern racing cars. Within the motoring side of the book, there are also experiences expressed such as driving on the backed circuits of Brooklands and Montlhery, and the résumé of the personalities that he met: Sir Henry Seagrave, Sir Malcolm Campbell, John Cobb, Ernest Eldridge, Cecil Kimber, and Victor Riley. The book offers an interesting insight into Eyston’s life.

Hardback in excellent condition.

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