Scania Cavalcade 1891-1991: Rolling Stock Cars, Buses, Trucks


Author: Kaj Sandell
Date of Publication: 1990

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Scania celebrated its centenary in 1991. Few of the world’s automakers can look back on such a lengthy, uninterrupted period of activity, coinciding with almost the entire history of the automobile.

In the 1950s, Scania began to buy back and restore some of the epoch-making vehicles produced in previous years. In 1991 the collection numbered about sixty models representative of every decade of the company’s history and every type of vehicle built in that time, forming a unique record of automotive history.

Since 1983 it has been on view to the public at the Scania Museum in Södertälje. Together with some of their modern successors, it is these historic vehicles – most of them unique – which are presented in this cavalcade.

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