Author: Bovy/Galle/Maudoux/De Wilde
Date of Publication: 2010

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The most beautiful racing circuit in the world is Francorchamps, near the town of Spa in Eastern Belgium, a few miles from the German border.

The circuit nestles in a splendid natural setting of hills, valleys and forests and is universally appreciated by the top champions for its exclusiveness and the strategic and human challenges that have to be met in order to gain victory.

Before 1920, date of the official creation of the circuit, the roads crossing the triangular region of Spa-Francorchamps-Stavelot were already host to car and motorcycle racing.

Since then, a vast number of competitions have taken place there covering all sorts of different categories: Formula 1, Grand Touring, 24 Hours, international rallies, motorcycle racing and so on.

In 2007 Francorchamps updated its infrastructures to equal those of the most modern circuits and is now well on the road to a bright future. This is the history of the circuit from 1896 to the present day. Hardback in near fine condition.

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