Author: John Bolster
Date of Publication: 1950

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John Bolster is too well known to need introduction and all who have seen or only read of “Bloody Mary” will agree that the constructor and driver of this famous ” Special” is eminently suited to the task of describing the details of other cars specially built, either for racing, trials or hill climbs.

This book will appeal to all motoring enthusiasts whether or not they themselves build and drive a special or merely take the interest that any motorist must inevitably take in the endeavours of those who strive to obtain, with and without success, extra speed and power from normal or standard engines.

The cars have been listed in alphabetical order giving a background to their constructions and parts used. It starts with the AC Nash, and progresses onto: Aitkens, AJB, Allard, Appleton, Attenborough, Avon JAP, Bantam, Becke, Bentley Special, BHW, Bolster Specials, Brooke, Carlmark, CDL, Chatterbox, Chitty-Bany-Bang, Cowlan, Doorcas, Eldridge, Emereryson, Fairley, FHB500, Freikaiserwagen, Fuzzi, Gardner, GNAT, GN Martyr, GSI, Haford, Harker, Himmelwagen, Horton Special, HW Alta, Iota, Jappic, Killick, KN500, Land Speed Record Cars, Laystall, Lightweight, Meo, Mephistophelgatti, Monaco, Multi-Union, Nanette, Newton Ceirano, Nibbio, Norris, Rabelro, Red Biddy, Ridley, Salome, Semmence, Skinner, Smith, Spider, Spikins, Spook, Stafford, Strang, Sumner-JAP, Tarf, Thomas, Tiger Cat and Tiger Kitten, Vauxhall Villiers, Vitesse, Wasp, Watkins Nash, Wellesley, Wharton, White Lloyd, Wilkes and Worsley-Harris.

1949 first edition. Hardback in generally good condition for age. Clean inside and nice pale green boards. Some bumping to top corners. Good clean dust jacket, one small tear to top left of cover but otherwise intact and protected by clear cover.

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