SS I And SS II Cars. The Birth of the Jaguar Legend


Author: Allan Crouch
Date of Publication: 2006

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This is the definitive account of a little-known era in Jaguar history, and the even less well-known cars which offers an unrivalled store of knowledge for car enthusiasts who care passionately about Jaguar.

The book is a tribute to the cars’ creator and to the men who made them more than 70 years ago. The cars with which William Lyons launched his career as a manufacturer, the sleek SSI and the smaller SSII, bore all the hallmarks of Lyons’s creativeness and business acumen.

Drawing on original research, this book is the first ever detailed study of these cars and of this critical phase in the history of a company that was to become Jaguar. It covers the first complete cars William Lyons made 1932-35, before the Jaguar name appeared in 1936 when he launched the first SS Jaguar.

Nothing has ever been published specifically about these early S.S. cars, which made Lyons’s reputation.

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