The British at Le Mans


Author: Ian Wagstaff
Date of Publication: 2006

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Every year, scores of British drivers converge on Le Mans to compete in the world’s most gruelling motor race; hundreds more support them in the pits and paddock, and many thousands of devoted enthusiasts waving Union Jacks make their annual pilgrimage to cheer them on from the grandstands and spectator terraces.

These are their stories of what many regard as the ‘British race held in France’. “The British At Le Mans” pays tribute, not just to the people who sat behind the wheel, but to all those who have shared in their successes and disappointments over the past 85 years. In this wide-ranging book, the author takes the reader behind the scenes to reveal the stories behind the stories, many of them as fascinating as the main ones played out on the track.

First edition 280 page hardback in very good condition with clean and tidy dust cover.

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