The Car. A History of the Automobile


Author: Jonathan Glancey
Date of Publication: 2003

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Once viewed as a plaything of the wealthy and eccentric, cars are now an integral part of modern life. “The Car” provides a snapshot history of the automobile, not just the makes and models but its role in many spheres of life such as: politics, family life, war, advertising, architecture, film and art to name but a few.

Jonathan Glancey also covers the development of the car, from the early ‘horseless carriages’, through people’s cars from the VW Beetle to the Ford Galaxy, and the speed machines and dream cars of various eras.

Combining Glancey’s illuminating text with stunning photographs, “The Car” is much more than another encyclopedia, it reveals why we love, loathe and depend on one of the greatest modern inventions, and how the car really has shaped the way we live now.

With many rare and unusual images from around the world as well as classic shots of some of the greatest cars ever made, this is a sensory treat for any car lover.

Hardback and dust cover in good condition throughout.

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