The Certain Sound


Author: John Wyer
Date of Publication: 1981

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Autobiography of the famous racing team manager John Wyer who’s team (including Aston Martin, Ford, Gulf Ford & Gulf Porsche) won Le Mans, the world sports car championship and numerous epic races from the 1950s to early 1970s including back to back Le Mans titles in 1968 with the legendary Gulf GT40s.

But more than this, The Certain Sound is a well-written, clearly set out argument for individuality, and for the influence that one man and his decisions can have even on the mightiest corporation. Mr. Wyer’s professional racing career started with Aston Martin, and in that highly individual com-pany, where he reported directly to David Brown, the author gradually made his influence and his ideas felt about the way to go motor racing. These were the years of the British triumphs at Le Mans and elsewhere, when Aston Martin, Jaguar and Ferrari were the cars to beat.

When Aston Martin withdrew from motor racing, John Wyer was approached by Ford to help them develop a racing programme, with victory at Le Mans and a new image as their ultimate aim. The author’s account of his plunge into corporate life, and his efforts to make the voice of commonsense and sanity heard in the corridors of power in Detroit, while at the same time working on and managing the car which was to become the all-conquering Ford GT40, makes one of the most interesting, if frustrating, parts of his life.

After Ford came John Wyer’s years of glory, when, sponsored by Gulf Oil, the Ford-Mirage GT40s and later the Gulf-Porsches dominated the sportscar racing scene until the author’s retirement in 1971.

Large heavy book, much acclaimed when published, and long out of print. 255 large pages, good clean book and jacket is also good, some minor scuffs and slight sunning to spine. Rare and much sought after.

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