The Classic Twin Cam Engine


Author: Griffith Borgeson
Date of Publication: 1981

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At last, a book which traces the development of the thoroughbred racing engine from the beginnings of the art to our own time. It is an engineer’s delight but is written for the layman thoroughly to understand and enjoy. Strong emphasis upon the human roles of the personalities involved renders the text vibrantly alive.

In this one substantial volume are gathered detailed accounts of how all of the great marques and the important lesser ones worked with this most efficient and exciting form of power plant up to 1940. Post-war development of the breed is summarised in a richly illustrative final chapter.

Never before has such a definitive collection of photographs and drawings of twin-cam engines been available in a single volume.

Original and highly detailed tables of technical data, along with bibliography and index, help to make this book indispensible to every lover of the high-performance automotive engine.

Hardback and dust cover in excellent condition for age. Very slight scuffing to dust cover edges. Scarce.

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