The Custom Body Era


Author: Hugo Pfau
Date of Publication: 1970

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Scarce first edition, written by a man who designed many of them himself, is the story of the luxurious coachwork of the time, and of the magnificent chassis upon which these bodies were mounted.

The finest automobiles the world has ever seen were produced during this period. The choice of fine cars was much greater then than now; there were a dozen fine chassis being built in America, and there were at least another dozen from abroad. The best of these were fitted with coachwork from a number of fine body builders here and in Europe.

This is the first book to record the history of the expensive automobile, and it is the first to be written by someone who participated in the development of automobile design during that period. It includes illustrations never before published in literature intended for the general public.

Hardback in generally very good condition with good dust jacket, clean with only one or two scuffs and small tears in places .

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