The Encyclopedia of the American Automobile


Author: Ludvigsen / Burgess-Wise
Date of Publication: 1977

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Auburn, Duesenberg, Lincoln and Stutz are all immortal names in the history of the greatest automobile producing country in the world, but where do these famous names fit in the complex jigsaw that is the American motor industry? The Encyclopedia of the American Automobile tells the whole story, by looking at these and nineteen other illustrious marques in enthralling detail.

The book tells not only the story of the cars themselves, but also of the men and the companies who conceived and built them and of the intriguing way in which so many of their actions are interwoven. Far more than being simply a history and a catalogue of these American classics, this book brings to life the aesthetic appeal of these magnificent machines with over 450 photographs and drawings, 300 of which are in full colour. All these superb illustrations were specifically chosen to show the finest available examples of these, some of the world’s greatest cars and the growth of the companies which built them.

The Encyclopedia of the American Automobile puts the whole fascinating history of the industry into perspective in an authoritative and highly readable volume.

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