The Kings of the Road


Author: Ken W. Purdy
Date of Publication: 1952

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Here is the story of that royal family of motorcars that flourished both in this country and Europe before the “development” of the monotonously similar, jelly-bodied models of today – cars that were cherished in a time when the American people thought of the automobile as an instrument of sensuous pleasure.

It’s about cars (designed to run for twenty years) that herald their coming for a mile and break your neck as you try to watch them pass. And it tells, too, of the men who built and drove them. Includes chapters on: Bugatti, Mercer, Rolls-Royce, Isotta Fraschini, the Vanderbilt Cup, British cars at Le Mans, Zagato , Nuvolari and the Indy 500.

Hardback in generally very good condition with good dust jacket.

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