The Louis Chevrolet Adventure


Author: Pierre Barras
Date of Publication: 2004

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This is the extraordinary saga of the most illustrious son of the Canton of Jura, in Switzerland. A native of the town of Bonfol, born in Chaux-de-Fonds in the Neuchâtel region, Louis Chevrolet had one of the most remarkable automobile adventures of the past hundred years.

This is the man behind the tens of millions of Chevrolet cars across the globe.

Louis Chevrolet was not only a great creator of automobiles, but also a talented racing driver and a peerless inventor. Technically brilliant, but lacking a head for business, Louis Chevrolet died a broken man, having sold off the Chevrolet brand name at a knockdown price to a smarter businessman.

The man that made the maxim “Never give up” his own held fast to this principle his entire life. Yet while Henry Ford ended his days in splendour, Louis Chevrolet spent his final years in a small house in Detroit, where he died just fifty years ago. But his route from La Chaux-de-Fonds to Detroit was full of adventure, fierce determination, and impassioned outbursts. Louis Chevrolet had a unique and fascinating life.

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