The Modern Motor Car


Author: Shell Mex and BP Ltd
Date of Publication: c.1935

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Rare Shell Mex and BP publication from we believe the mid 1930’s educating readers of the time to delicate workings of contemporary motor cars and their extensive lubrication needs. Indicating that a car of this time would have over 16,000 parts it sets about demonstrating this, via a series of pop-up pictures and digrams and indexed lists. 5 full pages, which have hinged flaps that disclose the interior of the car, its internal construction and moving parts and the working parts of the engine. Highly detailed and with fantastic illustrations it is an intriguing period piece. Features intriguing photos on front and rear by Maurice Beck, principal photographer with Vogue magazine.

In generally good condition for age, pages are loose in some places due to rusting staples but complete. Back cover has some small ink spots in one area.

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