The Post War Touring Car


Author: Graham Robson
Date of Publication: 1977

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Open out the dust jacket of this book and you will see a number of touring cars pouring into the first corner at the Snetterton racing circuit. It might be 1959 quite easily; Two Jaguar 2.4 Mk I saloons, a Ford Zephyr, a Mk 8 Jaguar, sundry Morris Minors and more.

In fact it’s 1976 and a race for ‘classic’ saloons or touring cars. This series of races alone illustrates the surging interest in the post 2nd World War car, particularly the touring car.

This book, combed from a highly successful series which appeared in Thoroughbred and Classic Cars magazine in 1975, poses and answers many questions as it reviews The Post War Touring Car. Questions such as what is a Touring car? What is a Grand Touring Car? Is today’s Grand Touring car, tomorrow’s Touring car? Do the definitions change over a period of time?

Never before has such a precise but personal assessment been made in print as this one. Graham Robson leads you through the Alvises, Aston Martins, Singers, Facel Vegas, Lanchesters, Ferraris and Maseratis. The Citroens, Alfa Romeos, Lotus Cortinas and Studebakers.

How do they relate to each other, to their era and how are they seen in retrospect?

Hardback in excellent condition throughout.

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