The Rolls Royce 40/50hp. Ghosts, Phantoms and Spectres


Author: W J Oldham
Date of Publication: 1974

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Here for the first time is a fully documented history on the evolution of each of the four models of the Rolls-Royce 40/50hp, the ‘Silver Ghost’, ‘New Phantom’, Phantom II and Phantom III.

Particularly careful research has been devoted to the hitherto little known Experimental Chassis proceeding each model. Each Experimental Chassis is fully described and many reports of how these cars performed on test in France are included. These reports illustrate the fantastically high standard which Rolls-Royce Ltd always demanded.

The Production models are recorded and some amusing and incredible stories are related about individual cars. Also included is the full story of the American built cars and how and why these were born at Springfield, Massachusetts.

Wilton J. Oldham had two Phantom Il himself, one a Continental he has run for almost twenty years. He also had a Phantom III; this enables him to present his own practical experience in running these cars.

1974 first edition hardback in good condition, very clean and with tight binding. Blue boards are good with minor marking and bumping. Dust cover is fair clean to front and back but with some creasing to top cover and sunning to spine.

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