The Rolls-Royce Motor-Car and the Bentley since 1931


Author: Anthony Bird / Ian Hallows
Date of Publication: 1984

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Frederick Henry Royce, one of the most famous automobile engineers in motoring history, was born in 1863. For most of the present century, the cars which bear his name have been called “The Best Car in the World. The aim of this book is to provide a complete account of these very remarkable motor-cars and the very remarkable men who designed, made and sold them.

The work is in two parts. The first, by Anthony Bird, is an incisive account of Rolls-Royce cars from the earliest days before Rolls met Royce, to the present day. Part Two consists of detailed specifications, including dates of maior mechanical changes and the chassis numbers concerned, of the three Royce cars, of all Rolls-Royce cars from 1904 and of the Bentley cars built by Rolls-Royce from 1931, which have been compiled by Ian Hallows from Rolls-Royce company research.

Fifth edition of original 1964 hardback. Hardback in very good condition. Dust cover also good – one or two minor scuffs and marks and a minor tear to top of spine.

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