The Ultimate Racing Car Book.


Author: David Burgess-Wise
Date of Publication: 1999

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The desire for speed and the urge to win make motor racing one of the most enthralling and popular spectator sports in the world.

The Ultimate Racing Car Book celebrates this competitive spirit looking back at the cars that made history and the heroes who drove them. Incredible specially commissioned photographs show the world’s most exciting racing cars from all angles and in minute detail. Technical specification boxes give the performance capabilities of the outstanding cars of each decade from the 1900s to the 1990s.

The lavish photographs are accompanied by authoritative text that provides a wealth of information on each of the featured cars. From the Gordon Bennett races through to the creation of Grand Prix Indy Car and Le Mans motor racing has always been a team sport. David Burgess-Wise profiles not only the drivers but also the designers and constructors who have created the cars capable of winning the world’s toughest races.

Extensively researched and expertly written this is an indispensable reference work that will delight the general reader and enthusiast alike. Hardback and dust cover in good condition.

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