The Vintage Motorcyclists workshop


Author: Radco (Frank Farrington)
Date of Publication: 1994

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First published in 1986, this book has become regarded as a classic.

Vintage Motorcyclists Workshop is aimed at the amateur, who is encouraged to attempt almost every aspect of restoration work himself, within the confines of the home workshop. It is packed with detailed practical information and illustration compiled by a highly respected motorcycle restorer. Screw threads for the vintage motorcyclist: cycle threads and other screwforms; taps, dies and chasers, with notes on materials; heat treatment explained.

The cycle parts: rebuilding wheels, brakes and forks. Engine work, the top half: inspection; checking piston and ring wear; machining pistons; valves, guides and seats; timing checks. Engine work, the bottom half: flywheels; con-rods, crankcases, bearings and bushes; lubrication. Transmission: belts, chains, gearboxes and clutches. Carburation: servicing carburettors; tuning various types (Amal, B&B, Binks, BSA, Triumph, Senspray, Schebler, Bowden, SU). Electrics: magnetos, dynamos, magdynos, cvc units, coil ignition, alternators and lighting. Paintwork: preparation; stripping; rust removal and protection; coachpainting, masking, hand-lining, spraying hints.

Electroplating at home: preparation; nickel plating; aluminium refinishing. The final touches: saddlery; gas-lamp maintenance; horns and speedos; miscellaneous workshop jobs.

Hardback in good condition. Self cover also good, slight sunning to spine.

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