Vintage Motor Cars


Author: David Burgess-Wise
Date of Publication: 1970

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This collection of Veteran and Vintage autos is a delightful companion book for all car lovers and an index of the idiosyncratic tastes of past and present owners and inventors since the first Horseless Carriage took to the roads.

From extrovert exuberance and the snob’s love of exclusiveness to the aesthete’s pleasure in beauty and originality of design —not to mention sheer non-conformism.

The cars featured here are notable and handsome examples of Veteran and Vintage models that have been preserved in museums and private collections in this country.

They range from single cylinder Veteran runabouts, barely capable of 12 mph, to the largest car ever catalogued, the 21-litre Benz, a favourite with Field-Marshal von Hindenburg, from family tourers to the classic sports cars of the 1930s Swing Era. The thirty-two full colour illustrations by Peter Griffin, a regular contributor to Car magazine and artist for the ‘Car of the Year’ cutaways, are especially finely detailed colour drawings and will be of interest and a permanent delight to all enthusiasts.

Hardback in good condition throughout. Dust cover also good, some grubby marks, as to be expected, on a white cover.

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