Wheels of Misfortune


Author: Jonathan Wood
Date of Publication: 1988

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An investigation into the successes and failures of the British car industry over the last century.

The author examines the role of the management, trade unions and government chronicling specific examples. He argues that the key to the industry’s failure lies in its long time reliance on insular, self-taught leadership and a national environment where engineering has been relegated to a secondary social status.

His investigations are based on hundreds of interviews with engineers, designers and top executives including John Barber and Sir John Egan. He chronicles the rise of the Morris and Austin companies, their fusion into the British Motor Corporation, its decline and the amalgamation of the entire British-owned sector into the British Leyland Motor Corporation.

An analysis of its seven years existence is complemented by interviews with key members of its management, including Chairman, Lord Stokes.

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